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All over globe, ALLOPATHY MEDICAL SYSTEM is being used as a main stream of MEDICAL FACILITY. The treatment and management of the human body disorders are treated by Allopathic drugs. Inspite of much advancement of this science, there are still so many disorders , which are not covered or have no perfect treatment at the time and as a result Allopathic practitioner understand that , if there is no treatment of the disoders in Allopathic System, there is no treatment. Contrary it is felt that this is wrong presumption , which Allopathic practitioners understand and claims. Similar to this, many SURGICAL disease conditions and disorders can be treated successfully by AYURVEDA-AYUSH System of medicine. In India, apart from Allopathy, there is still Government of India , Ministry of Health and Family Welfare approved medical systems AYURVEDA and HOMOEOPATHY and UNANI and SIDHDHA and YOGA and NATURE-CURE are practised by 0ver 7 lac 75 thousands medical practitioners. ALLOPATHY which claims and declares no treatment for a number of ailments are well treated and managed by AYURVEDA and HOMOEOPATHY and UNANI and YOG & NATURE-CURE and SIDHDHA system of medicine. Allopathic practitioners and ofcourse general public do not know about this and therefore they misleads. AYURVEDA-AYUSH system have now MECHANICAL and LABORATORY diagnosis procedure after latest invention and introduction of the hi-technology. Our aim is here to provide the true and facts of the defferent MEDICAL SYSTEMS and their applicability in HEALTH CARE SYSTEMS.

Provide Comprehensive Quality Care


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Comprehensive Quality